Durham’s food scene has always held a special place in the hearts (and stomachs) of both gastronomically adventurous visitors and seasoned locals alike. 

Between killer breakfast sandwiches, fanciful cheese melts, and more craft beers than you can count, it’s an epicurean’s paradise—so long as your hunger falls between the hours of 9AM and 9PM. 

But as we all know, appetite follows no timeline, and there’s no worse feeling than a late night weekend hunger pang that goes unmet. 

Until recently, Durham has been surprisingly scant when it comes to high quality, late night dining options, especially on the weekends. 

Enter Unscripted’s new late night menu, served exclusively between the hours of 10PM and 1AM on Friday and Saturday only. 

The late menu officially launches on February 28th. 

The concept behind it was simple: to bring a new perspective to familiar favorites and offer up the things we’d want to tuck into after (or before) a night on the town. 

A quick scan of the menu reveals cravable comfort food classics like fries, a BLT, chicken and waffles, and of course, a killer burger, but dig a little deeper and you can appreciate all the little details our chef threw in to kick things up a few notches. 

How about getting that BLT with candied bacon and a tomato aioli? Or dunking your chicken and waffles in some killer orange-infused maple syrup? 

See where we are going with this? 

The offerings are familiar, but with a shake of the exotic. 

Simple, delicious, perfect. 

We hope to connect with you over some panko-crusted chicken tenders very soon. Bring your desire for pleasure and nourishment and we will handle the rest.