Entertain Us! Unscripted’s Creative Director Cory Ingram’s Tips On How To Host An Effortlessly Chic Holiday Gathering!

With the holiday season upon us, we thought it would be a great time to chat with Cory and get some tips on how to throw an elevated holiday party like a total pro. As Cory says “the devil is always in the details.” Read on as we learn all about the fine art of entertaining from a man who knows a thing or two about curating awesome experiences for his guests.

Thanks for taking some time with speak with us, Cory! To get the ball rolling, can you offer up any tips for planning a chic holiday soiree? Absolutely! I believe that a good party should be a perfect mix of the elevated and the accessibile. That means doing any with old fashioned, fussy details like perfect white tablecloths and instead, focusing on the kind of experience you want your guests to have. I always love coming up with a theme, like “storytelling” or “fine art” and then curating a whole event around those ideas. One you have your theme, start dreaming up a few things that will get guests interacting with one another. You could, for example, ask people to bring a few old magazines and together, you could all create a collage scrapbook, with each guest leaving with their own mini-collage. The more you stretch out creatively, the more memorable and fun the experience will be for you and your guests.

Let’s talk about decor. Any recommendations? A lot of people get nervous about decorating their space for a holiday party because they think everything has to be totally perfect. The truth is, a few thoughtful details can really take an event from good to great. You could, for example, source some cool vintage fabrics and use those to cover your tables. Another great tip is to make sure your space smells amazing and has flattering lighting. The good news is, you can easily accomplish both of these things at once by lighting your space with votive candles and accenting the vibes by lighting some organic incense.

No holiday soiree is complete with a Holiday Tree. Do you have any tips on how to throw a killer decorating party, Unscripted style? The first step, naturally, is to get a great tree that is perfectly sized for your space. For a great Durham-centric tree supplier, Cranberry Tree Farm is awesome. They offer everything from apartment-friendly two foot mini-trees to epic fifteen foot giants. Once you have curated your perfect tree, you can use any combination of markers, glitter, styrofoam balls, heavy construction paper and twine strings to construct a dazzling ornament. Better yet, have your guests switch ornaments halfway through the decorating process, which will lend a fun, improvisational quality to your party.