So Stylish, It’s Scary: The Unscripted Guide To A Truly Cool Halloween Soiree

While many of us associate Halloween with “ghouls and ghosts” motifs (and lots and lots of candy), the holiday’s roots have much more to do with enjoying the fall harvest and creating opportunities for people to hang out before the dark of winter.

Faced with a cold season that very often brought sickness, crop shortages and various other unpleasantries, ancient peoples decided it would much more fun to usher in the fall harvest with a bountiful, highly social group gathering. Today, we know this celebration as Halloween.

We here at Unscripted are all about bringing people together and so we wanted to present you with a series of tips and trade secrets for making your Halloween soiree a great night for your guests, as well as any ghouls who happen to crash the party.

This year, amp up your own creepily chic houseparty with an elevated mix of homemade Halloween decorations. To start, you can fill up a few old glass jars with water, a dash of green food coloring and various rubber animals like rats and spiders to create a ghoulish “formaldehyde” display on a table or bookshelf. For another, slightly messier tip, try making “bloody handprint” window clings using Elmer’s glue, a few drops of red food coloring and a few basic kitchen supplies like Saran Wrap and wax paper. The best part? These wall clings can be stored and reused for next year’s festivities, or your next horror lick-inspired house party.

Every good Halloween gathering will need some specialty drinks and snacks. This year, instead of pouring classic cocktails, serve up unique, Halloween-inspired libations, like Dr. Hyde’s Potion, which uses blackberry liqueur, fresh herbs and vodka to really bring out the party monster in all your guests.

After drinks, your guests will need some light bites to help prevent them from turning into real life zombies. If Deviled Eggs “Eyeballs” made with food coloring and capers are too predictable for you, we highly recommend getting creative with some “Tombstone” sandwiches made to stand upright on a serving platter thanks to a small schmear of cream cheese on the bottom.

No Halloween would be complete with a (metaphorically) killer costume, but that doesn’t mean you need to be yet another Frisky Nurse or Zombie Doctor. Rather than going the pre-fab route, it’s much more fun and gratifying to create your own Instagram-ready look using a few basic things that are super easy to source. For wine enthusiasts, a quick trip to the store to grab some purple balloons and some masking tape will turn you in a cluster of juicy ripe grapes in less than 10 minutes.

Looking to get down with all your favorite ghouls, ghosts and creeps and party like a real monster? In homage to the classic horror flicks of the 60s, Unscripted Durham will be hosting our first ever Monster Mash on October 28th. Along with an exhibition of vintage horror posters, we will also be offering up special spooky cocktails and enough treats to satisfy any starving zombie. Our special spooky cocktails will be The Bride of Frankenstein, Black Magic and Devil’s Eye Punch. Ingredients below on how to make our spooktacular cocktails at home!

Bride of Frankenstein
1 part vodka
1 part grenadine
1.5 part blue curacao
1 part cranberry juice
1 part sour mix
Black Magic
3 ½ oz vodka
½ oz black raspberry liqueur
Rim: crushed sugar with activated black charcoal

Devil’s Eye Punch
Blood Orange Mix
Jack Daniels
Plastic eyeballs floating

Unscripted Durham Halloween Cocktails Devil’s Eye Punch

We hope you have enjoyed our tips on how to curate a super chic DIY Halloween houseparty. Capture some amazing images this Halloween season? Please share with us @unscripteddurham!